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Entry Date: 21 Mar 2021
Expiry Date: 04 Apr 2021

The Housing Development Agency (HDA) is a national public sector development agency that acquires and prepares land as well as develop the land and project manage the development of housing and human settlements. We carry out our activities in partnership with a range of stakeholders including national, provincial and local government and municipalities, as well as with communities, developers, financiers and other affected parties. Established in 2009, the Agency was established by an Act of Parliament in 2008 and is accountable through its Board to the Minister of Human Settlements. For more information about the HDA, please visit our website: www.thehda.co.za.

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The HDA has the following three-year fixed-term contract position:



Ref: HDA – PM/EC/2021

Main Purpose: To manage, plan and oversee the delivery of designated National Priority Programmes and projects in Eastern Cape and support of the outcome and deliverables assigned to the HDA.

Key Performance Areas:

1. Strategic Management:

• Determine how to operationalise and implement the strategy and continually scan the provincial environment to optimise opportunities and mitigate risks.

• Develop Annual performance Plans and ensure alignment with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) department Annual Performance Plan.

• Determine optimal utilisation and mobilisation of resources across other organs of State (Province, Municipalities and other public bodies)

• Set precedents for how work should be done in respect of agreed protocols/objectives with Provinces.

• Support and advise the internal and Head Office (where applicable) functionaries in respect of their operations and interface with the Province/Municipalities and ensure coordination across the functionaries.

• Prepare monthly and quarterly reports and ensure timeous reporting.

2. Mobilise Strategic partners and participation in the Priority Programme:

• Develop and build private-sector networks and contracts that HDA can utilize and engage with to promote the involvement and support for the Priority Programme and HDA strategic project developments.

• Develop national and/or provincial structure/ one-stop entry point for the strategic partners’ role-players involved in project development and funding of projects to engage meaningfully with the potential partnership.

• Develop and implement a plan that will assist to position the HDA with the various private sector role players-developer, funder, investors, both locally and internationally.

• Consulting with the relevant public sector bodies to identify arrears of mandate alignment (to inform the structuring of operational programmes and plans).

• Establish processes to ensure full, end-to-end coordination between all involved parties.

3. Programme Oversight:

• Advise the planning and delivery of the Priority Programmes and project planning

• Define a multi-year and annual operational plan to mobilise capital funding for the projects within the programme as well as HDA strategic project opportunities and include measurable targets for delivery and allocated responsibilities

• Consult and communicate the plan and programme annually to relevant stakeholders including team members and managers together with the National Department of Human Settlements before the conclusion and implementation of the plan

• Ensure the programme and plan is aligned with the National Department and HDA organisational strategy and direction, values and mission before finalized and implemented

• Ensure and build relationships with key sectors stakeholders and role players relating to this programme.

4. Programme Management and Administration:

• Overall management of strategic Programmes

• Manage administrative support to ensure the effective functioning of the HDA services in the Province

• Ensure that clear and explicit work processes and procedures are established and understood in all assigned sections and set up systems and methodologies to monitor the execution and performance of work of all staff

• Identify inefficient and costly practices, and recommend corrective actions/ improvements enhancing the performance and effectiveness of the Programme.

• Control quality and quantity of work performed, guide the team and carry the overall responsibility for the task fulfilment as per the operational plan.

• Oversee the assigned functionary managers that:

o Detailed Project Plans and necessary and satisfactory project procedures are established to direct all project work in order to maintain timely execution and quality of work.

o Results are compiled, documented and forwarded to in required format, quantity and quality, and ensure timely and correct presentation and explanation of results.

o Risk are proactively managed,

o Progress review and coordination meetings are held regularly with key project team members and other project stakeholders

o Progress is diligently monitored, and that bottlenecks and related issues are proactively tracked.

o Costs are properly and orderly tracked and maintained within approved budgets

o Project schedules are followed, and deadlines are met.

5. Sub-programme Management, support and performance:

• Oversee, facilitate implementation and performance on sub-programmes within the Province

o Bucket Eradication Programmes

o Upgrading of Informal Settlements

o Emergency Housing Programmes

o Project Management Support

o Catalytic Projects

o Design and implementation

• Support and guide the work of the development managers responsible for the sub-programmes. This includes project planning and preparation and coordinating specific support.

• Determine and operationalise processes to implement the sub-programmes in line with the overall objectives of the programme and strategy.

• Provide strategic support to coordinate the plans and resources allocations between the province, municipalities and relevant sector departments to appropriately programme projects for human settlements development over the MTEF period and beyond.

• Quality manage and signoff submissions and governance approvals and other inputs as may be required and agreed with the COO.

6. Programme Planning:

• Managing the programme budgeting and cash flows.

• Managing the liaison with programme/project related stakeholders.

• Coordinating the allocation of resources (both internal and external) when required.

• Managing the development of programme/project plans.

• Develop a clear programme and project milestones and reporting requirements on projects.

7. Budgeting and Financial Management:

• Develop project/programme budget in line with agreed feasibilities available funding and project/operational planning.

• Monitor project expenditure against budgets and project deliverables

• Address any project budget variances

• Provide feedback and input to the overall HDA budget as required

8. Project Related Procurement:

• Managing the development of appropriate TOR’s for programme related procurement.

• Evaluating proposals and appointing relevant service providers to facilitate programme related delivery.

9. Project Management:

• Establishing and enhancing systems to implement and manage a range of projects and project managers simultaneously.

• Establish a coordinated communication system for all active projects.

• Developing and implementing a project risk management framework.

• Recognising key project constraints facing the projects and coordinating the successful resolution of the challenges.

• Developing and managing the implementation of project plans

• Overseeing project teams including internal and external stakeholders and participants.

• Driving and managing project technical meetings.

• Managing and monitoring the implementation of a project communication plan.

• Managing the project budgets and monitoring variances.

• Drafting and managing project reporting.

• Chairing allocated technical and progress meetings.

• Managing health and safety on all project sites.

• Ensuring legal and contractual compliance on all project sites.

• Monitor that projects meet role players requirements

• Manage the planning and implementation of HDA programmes undertaken by the organisation.

10. People Management:

• Select, assign, lead and manage people

• Set clear objectives for self and others and measure achievements against these objectives through the implementation of the performance management system.

• Build and manage relationships with staff members

• Manage and support staff development

• Develop and manage the implementation of succession plans for key individuals and critical positions

• Implement the HDA HR policies and procedures as required.

• Manage risks and address issues as they arise.


• Relevant Degree in Engineering or Construction or equivalent built environment discipline

• Experience in strategy development and implementation is a key requirement

• 10-12 years experience in Project Management role,

• A minimum of five (5) years experience must be at the management level

• Registration as a Construction Project Manager or other recognised professional accreditation

• Insight into the intergovernmental relations (IGR) environment and government planning framework and infrastructure deliveries

• Experience in strategy development and implementation is a key requirement

• Experience in housing construction and/or infrastructure-based project management

• Experience in delivery and project management of low income/affordable housing projects is preferable

• Ability and willingness to travel extensively and must have a valid driver’s lisence

• Computer literacy

• Knowledge, insight and experience of the public sector human settlements and built environment development

• Knowledge of legislation and policies regulating the human settlements sector and built environment development.


Please forward a relevant CV (Clearly marked with the reference number of the position) in a Microsoft Word format to HR@phakipersonnel.co.za

Please do not send certificates, diplomas or testimonials. We thank all applicants for their interest.

Communication will be conducted with short-listed applicants only.

Conditions of service:

The HDA is an equal opportunity employer ● Appointments will be made in accordance with the HDA EE policy ● The HDA reserves the right not to make an appointment.

The closing date for applications is 4 April 2021.

For enquiries please contact Rebecca Hatlane on 011 941 1953