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Strategic goals of the HDA

Provide land and housing development support services to our partners to achieve key national strategic priorities relating to human settlements.

Develop and lead a national sector-wide land assembly strategy and programmes for sustainable human settlements in partnership with organs of state and other key sector stakeholders.

The Agency provides project delivery services in the form of land acquisition and management, project structuring, project planning, capacity assembly, as well as the management of projects. The type of assistance provided is negotiated and expressed through an Implementation Protocol (IP). Intergovernmental agreements are structured between the HDA and the respective organ of state with a view to ensuring that there is collaboration and intergovernmental and integrated alignment for housing development services.

In general, the agreement outlines the framework of cooperation, the areas of activity in both land and building acquisitions, management and project management, and the institutional arrangements, for example, the establishment of a steering committee.

It is important to note that, while the HDA collaborates with provinces and municipalities in the development of housing and human settlements, we do not, and cannot, replace them in the fulfilment of housing development functions.


The following section gives an overview of the three National Priority Projects that will be the focus of the HDA’s business model as it evolves into a human settlements developer:

  • Catalytic Projects
    Catalytic projects are spatially targeted interventions that aim to change the way we provide infrastructure by restructuring settlements patterns. These projects are mega in size. The benefits of catalytic projects are: Increased economic opportunities from jobs created when the projects start and post construction SMME job creation.
  • Informal Settlements Upgrades
    ISU programme is designed to provide technical and capacity support to provinces and municipalities for the implementation of informal settlement upgrading across the country through the use of the Upgrading of Informal Settlement Programme (UISP) together with other housing programmes.
  • Mining Towns
    The objectives of the human settlements component of the intervention requires the transformation of mining towns through the creation of sustainable integrated human settlements.