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If you would like to register as a service provider with the HDA, please first complete the registration form to register on the supplier database of the HDA.

Each HDA service provider registration form must be submitted with a completed, valid tax clearance certificate.

The following important notes apply to the the service provider registration form:

  • The service provider registration form must be completed by all vendors seeking listing as approved suppliers to the HDA
  • The questionnaire must be completed in full and be signed by the entity's owners
  • A company profile may accompany the registration form but will not be accepted as a substitute for the application
  • All fields on the application form must be completed by the applicant
  • It should be noted that the HDA reserves the right to accept or reject any application without being obliged to give any reasons in respect thereof
  • The original tax clearance certificate must be submitted together with the form. Failure to submit an original and valid tax clearance certificate will result in the registration being invalid. Certified copies of the tax clearance certificate will not be accepted
  • In registrations where consortia, joint ventures or sub-contactors are involved, each party must submit a separate tax clearance certificate
  • Please submit certified copies of the company registration document
  • Please submit certified copies of the identity documents of company shareholders