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The human settlements catalytic projects programme (CPP) will;

  • Answer to the Human settlements requirements of the National Development plan
  • Accelerate change in deconstructing apartheid spatial planning legacy that still exists in many towns and cities in South Africa
  • Link, align and focus human settlement projects closely to economic opportunities and developments in the country
  • Provide greater access to affordable housing and a more equitable and functional residential property market
  • participation of black, women and youth owned enterprises within the sector.

Going forward, human settlement projects will not just be about the delivery of houses but rather about directing all the necessary amenities to where human settlements are and are able to plan ahead for the provision of the necessary infrastructure and amenities as the Human Settlement Master Spatial Plan (MSP) requires.

Human settlement catalytic projects are conceptualized and planned to consider the life of a project, including all components required to make a complete living environment, Better quality integrated living environments can reduce pressure on the health system

Human Settlement Catalytic projects are spatially targeted interventions that aim to change the way we provide infrastructure by restructuring settlements patterns.

The benefits of catalytic projects are;
Increased economic opportunities from jobs created when the projects start and post construction SMME job creation.
Opportunities are possible because a total living environment is created and considered
Business opportunities for manufacturers of materials, finishing’s and appliances
Mixed integrated development & communities will be created, finally, a place for people to put down roots and grow their families, their education and their businesses.

Catalytic projects are going to change people’s lives directly
The role of the Housing Development Agency in the delivery of the CPP is;
HDA to act as a project developer of sustainable integrated human settlements on behalf of government to drive delivery on;

  1. Accessing land for human settlements projects
  2. Packaging of human settlements projects
  3. Establishing delivery partnerships with the private sector
  4. Mobilising, coordinating and investing funds on behalf of the public sector
  5. Facilitating the resolution of blockages
  6. Monitoring the implementation of human settlements projects
  7. Transformation of the Human Settlement Sector