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Priority (Catalytic) Projects Programmes (CPP) refer to strategic initiatives and projects that have been identified as a high priority within an organization or government entity. These projects are considered essential for achieving specific goals, objectives, or outcomes. Priority projects are often allocated significant resources, funding, and attention due to their critical nature and potential impact

In the context of the Housing Development Agency (HDA), Priority (Catalytic) Projects Programmes (CPP) are initiatives that focus on addressing pressing housing and development challenges. These projects are intended to catalyze positive changes within communities, regions, or sectors. They might involve the construction of affordable housing, infrastructure development, urban renewal, community services, or other efforts aimed at improving living conditions, enhancing economic opportunities, and fostering sustainable growth.

Priority projects are typically selected based on their alignment with the organization's strategic objectives, their potential to address urgent needs, and their capacity to create ripple effects that benefit larger areas or populations. These projects often involve collaboration with various stakeholders, including government agencies, local communities, private sector partners, and NGOs, to ensure holistic and impactful outcomes.

Quarter One Report: April – June 2023

In Region A, Eastern Cape, progress updates are as follows:

  • Mdantsane East Temporary Relocation Area: Tender advertised for a new contractor after previous contract termination; security contractor procured temporarily.
  • Ziphunzana Bypass - Bulk sewer: Construction halted due to community-related challenges at 90% completion.
  • Heaven Hills and Summerpride projects: No progress due to the instruction to cease work by PRTs.

In Northern Cape, the New Ga-Segonyana project focuses on dolomite stability conditions, involving a commissioned service provider's progress, including pre-inception report, inception meeting, site handover, surface surveying, drilling of boreholes, and Dolomitic Study report. The Council of Geoscience confirmed support for proposed residential dwellings.

In the Lerato Park Integrated Housing Development Project:

  • Phases 1 and 5 progress detailed, with percentages and completion timelines.
  • Overall project at 59.6% completion; expected completion by March 2024.
  • Phase 5's various elements, including CRUs, veteran's houses, and subsidized houses, are complete.

Western Cape highlights include:

  • Participation in progress meetings for Airport Precinct, Kosovo, Transhex, and Vlakkeland Housing projects.
  • Transhex Phase 1 handed over 190 units.
  • Ikhaya Future Houses remedial works and coordination updates.
  • Challenges with ABT houses' quality affect community satisfaction.
  • Phases 2 and subsequent steps are in planning phase.

Construction updates for Bulk Civils and top structures are provided for various projects in Western Cape.

In Region B, Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality (EMM) projects' progress updates are as follows:

  • John Dube services: Various components' completion percentages noted.
  • John Dube Top structures: Detailed status of blocks' completion provided.
  • Chief Albert Luthuli Ext 6: Paved Road and stormwater installation completion mentioned.
  • Leeuwpoort Integrated Housing Development Project: On-Site Services Erf 704 and 705 progress detailed; building plans and NHBRC enrolment pending.
  • Esselen project: Commencement of construction of residential units and related challenges discussed.
  • Lufhereng project: Implementation stage; BFI funding approval and City of Johannesburg's request for HDA's programme management mentioned.

In the North-West:

  • Matlosana N12 project experienced slow progress due to budgeting issues.
  • Progress percentages reported for various project phases, including Ext. 1 & 2, Ext. 9, Ext. 10, Ext. 11, Bulk Sewer Outfall, Ext. 16, and Ext. 17.
  • NWDHS appointed a service provider for Bokamoso project's township proclamation services; funds budgeted for housing units.

In Limpopo:

  • Marapong CRU project transitioned to a Principal Agent and Social Facilitator under COGHSTA.
  • Progress updates on foundations, wall plates, and boundary wall provided.

In Region C, the Free State Provincial Technical Task Team (PTTT) convenes to discuss technical and operational progress on project implementation, covering MTOP-funded and priority projects. The upcoming PTTT meeting is scheduled for the 2nd quarter.

Project updates:

  • Bakenpark Ext 6 & 7: The construction of internal water and sewer networks is in progress, with the site's advancement at 42%.
  • Vista Park: Township Establishment for Vista Park II is under review by municipal traffic engineers. The developer of Vista II Park has resumed work to complete pending tasks. Civil and electrical engineering services for Vista Park III Ext.261, 262 & 263, including link roads, are fully installed.
  • Sasolburg properties: No meetings held in the first quarter. A proposed meeting aims to determine the municipality's stance on the Early Business Case application for Sasolburg properties.

In the KZN Cornubia project,

  • Funding application status for Cornubia Boulevard: A resubmission of the application is planned. Ongoing engagement with ISA for packaging the BFI funding application for 2023 is underway.
  • Progress in the transfer process of Phases 1A and 1B is being monitored, with notable advancements. Outstanding swops are to be addressed with the Allocations and Conveyancing Teams, aided by PDoHS. Tranche 2 (875 sites) and Tranche 3 (305 top structures) for Phase 2A have been pre-paid to the Municipality, with construction set to commence.

In Mpumalanga,

  • Klarinet Phase 2 project: Legal land issues were addressed, and an exit settlement from developer ABSADEVCO was presented to MPDHS. This project was chosen as the resettlement area for the Old Coronation informal.