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01 Apr 2020

COVID - 19 Updated messages for Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, DRAFT 2

-The President of South Africa, President Ramaphosa and the National Command Council guided by the World Health Organisation, international and domestic experts have identified washing hands with soap for atleast (20 seconds) as an effective way of fighting the Corona Virus (COVID 19).

- The Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation sector is tasked by the President and the National Command Council with rolling out and connecting more than 40.000 water tanks across villages, townships and informal Settlments to ensure sustainable supply of water to fight the Corona Virus and beyond.

- The Sector responded with speed, 40.000 water tanks, more than 300 water tanker trucks, 20.000 water buckets with soap are being delivered in each municipality, stands are being built by small companies, and water is available.

- In response to the Directive from President Ramaphosa to increase access to water and also to assist those in informal Settlments, the Minister of Human Settlments, Water and Sanitation established a (Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation) command Centre based at Rand Water in Gauteng, the Command Centre is supported by Provincial Command Center and local delivery centers at Municipalities. Through technology, the Minister, supported by Deputy Ministers and Provincial MECs Human Settlments is monitoring delivery and connection on a 24 hour basis. The Minsiter receives hourly reports from the Comand Center, Deputy Ministers and Provincial MECS.

- In Gauteng alone, more than 10.000 new tanks and 15 water tankers are being introduced to compliment those already installed by municipalities and provinces.

- The Minister has also directed that, the fight against the Corona Virus must be used to repair water and sanitation infrastructure and Mayors and Councilors and Municipal Managers must lead in the maintenance and protection of the new and old infrastructure.

- She also further directed that boreholes must be maintained and new ones installed with the assistance of local small businesses.

- The Minister has welcomed the support from the (association of manufacturers) who have assisted in ensuring that water tanks are distributed and supplied at reduced cost.

- The Minister is committed to ensure that all the 40.000 tanks already secured through sponsorship purchased at a reduced cost are connected as soon as possible. She has directed that all Water Boards to not rest until the project is completed.

- The Minister is calling on communities to look after the new and old infrastructures.

- The Minister has directed that water collection buckets and soaps must be distributed to the elderly and indigents with immediate effect, 20.000 buckets are being secured.

- Minister has called on the youth in communities to help by collecting water for the elderly and the sick.

- The Minister is calling on Municipalities to work with WaterBoards to maintain infrastructure and ensure that there is no unintepreted supply.