Block A, Riviera Office Park, 6-10 Riviera Road, Killarney, Johannesburg, 2193


16 Feb 2018


South Africas human settlements delivery footprint suggest global leadership in human settlements planning. This is what will be displayed at WUF9 by South Africa.

South Africa’s planning, funding, implementation of policy and maintenance of human settlements development are difficult to find anywhere in the world.

For instance at WUF9 RSA displays progression in the development of an intergovernmental planning regime resulting from a consolidation of human settlements grants with over R10 Billion per annum guaranteed. Particularly, the human settlements development grant (HSDG), urban settlements development grant (USDG), integrated planning and transport system (IPTS), integrated national electrification programmer (INEP), municipal infrastructure grant (MIG) together contribute to human settlements development.

Planning frameworks further distinguish South Africa globally. A good example is the Human settlements master spatial plan that lifts the National Spatial Development Framework (NSDF) and the integrated urban development framework (IUDF) against a spatial backdrop. Therefore at WUF RSA presents evidence of progressive collaboration, and cooperation between municipalities, provinces, national governments planning frameworks such as the provincial growth and development strategy, built environment performance plans, integrated development plans, and the national development plan 2030. Moreover within the ambit of human settlements planning and policy frameworks is one of the highest investments in ICT in urban infrastructure driving the growth and development of smart cities in South Africa’s metropolitan spaces.