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Chief Executive Officer

Entry Date: 10 Feb 2020
Expiry Date: 19 Feb 2020

The Housing Development Agency (HDA) is a national public sector development agency that acquires and prepares land as well as develop the land and project manage the development of housing and human settlements. We carry out our activities in partnership with a range of stakeholders including national, provincial and local government and municipalities, as well as with communities, developers, financiers and other affected parties. Established in 2009, the Agency was established by an Act of Parliament in 2008 and is accountable through its Board to the Minister of Human Settlements. For more information about the HDA, please visit our website:

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The HDA has the following five-year fixed-term contract position:



Ref: HDA CEO/2020

Main Purpose: To establish the HDA as a credible implementation and delivery agency as laid down by its mandate and to manage development and implementation of organisational strategy and overall financial sustainability and organisational compliance.

Key Performance Areas:

1. Strategic Vision and Leadership:

Strategy and Vision

· Define and develop the strategic vision for the HDA with input from the Board and Senior Management

· Communicate strategic vision to internal and external stakeholders

Operational Strategy

· Manage development of a functionally integrated business plan that is aligned to the strategic vision

· Allocate responsibility and accountability for achievement of goals and targets

· Manage the development of an appropriate organisational establishment

· Monitor performance and address any issues as they arise

· Oversee performance of the HDA to ensure achievement of its strategic plans and goals

· Monitor and manage performance of the HDA towards goals and organisational objectives, to ensure overall success of the HDA

2. HDA Development and Growth: Opportunity Recognition

· Understand the sector and issues relevant to the HDA

· Build and maintain a strong and trusting network of potential funders and partners

· Identify and/or accept opportunities identified for the HDA

· Evaluate risks and benefits of opportunities

· Identify and select potential partners and funders

· Receive input from potential partners

· Define mutually beneficial contracts and agreements

· Grow the HDA to achieve delivery, reputation and financial goals

Government Donor Management

· Build long term, credible, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with Government departments and senior officials

· Develop and implement policies and procedures that facilitate effective interaction and achievement of mutual goals

· Ensure compliance with policies and legislation (e.g. PFMA compliance)

· Address high level issues and concerns

· Manage that reports and updates are accurately completed on time

· Conduct negotiations on behalf of the HDA for future or additional funding

3. Public and Private Sector Donors and Partners

· Oversee delivery of contract objectives and outputs

· Build strong, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships

· Address high level donor or partner issues and concerns

· Manage that reports and updates are accurately completed on time

· Conduct negotiations on behalf of the HDA for future or additional funding and other forms of support

· Develop and maintain strong relationships with diplomatic and foreign donors

4. Operational Management:

· Manage the operationalisation of the approved organisational strategy

· Manage the development of operational plans that are aligned to organisational strategy

· Manage the delivery of work in line with the agreed operating plans, performance standards and metrics in each business area

· Address areas of operational non-performance and manage the implementation of corrective action

5. Compliance Management:

· Monitor and manage that HDA operates in a manner that is aligned with the relevant acts, frameworks and agency requirements as envisaged within the established intergovernmental framework and Intergovernmental Frameworks Act.

· Ensure HDA compliance with


o Approved procurement and supply chain management policies

o Any other relevant acts, regulations or policy requirements

o Any other stated requirements

6. HDA Brand and Image Promotion Development:

· Identify and utilize all opportunities (including media) to build the HDA brand image

· Represent the HDA in all relevant industry forums

· Communicate benefits and value of the HDA

· Maintain strong organisational networks within the human development / housing community that are or may be stakeholders in the HDA

· Build the HDA profile in all relevant communities including the human development / housing community

7. Board Governance and Interface:

· Manage implementation of effective board governance support structures to enable the Board to meet its requirements and deliverables

· Provide feedback on the HDA and the HDA progress toward goals and objectives of Board

· Drive the delivery of all necessary board documentation and implementation of Board resolutions

· Facilitate effective compliance with good corporate governance

8. HDA Financial Management:

· Oversee financial compliance with legislated and organisational process and requirements

· Manage the development and implementation of the HDA financial strategy to support the overall organisational strategy

· Manage the HDA financial stability and long-term sustainability

· Address financial concerns and issues through Finance and Audit committee as well as management structures within the HDA

· Serve as accounting officer for all public funds received

9. Internal Audit:

· Liaise with internal audit consultants

· Manage compliance with internal audit charter

· Manage that the internal audit plan is implemented

· Review the internal audit report and manage implementation of recommendations and actions

10. Staff Management:

Team Effectiveness

· Lead the implementation of the strategy and business plan throughout the HDA

· Build an effective, dynamic, high performing team with a co-operative team spirit

· Oversee overall performance of key operational areas within the HDA

· Monitor and support staff to perform through implementing the performance management system

· Manage the implementation of HR policies and procedures

· Identify development needs and solutions and implement development plans to grow team members

· Ensure required resources are available to enable the staff to achieve objectives

11. Qualifications and Experience:

· Relevant honours degree or equivalent and Masters’ will be an added advantage

· 10 years senior management experience with 3-5 years of direct board interaction

· Experience with the Intergovernmental Relations Framework

· Experience with public sector land holding and management legislation and regulations

· Experience in the human settlements’ environment

· Computer literate


Please forward a relevant CV (Clearly marked with the reference number of the position) in a Microsoft Word format to

Conditions of service:

The HDA is an equal opportunity employer ● Appointments will be made in accordance with the HDA Employment Equity policy ● The HDA reserves the right not to make an appointment.

Please do not send certificates, diplomas or testimonials. We thank all applicants for their interest.

Communication will be conducted with short-listed applicants only.

Closing date for applications is 19 February 2020.

For enquiries please contact John Brouckaert on 011 267 2920