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Entry Date: 15 May 2021
Expiry Date: 30 May 2021

The Housing Development Agency (HDA) is a national public sector development agency that acquires and prepares land as well as develop the land and project manage the development of housing and human settlements. We carry out our activities in partnership with a range of stakeholders including national, provincial and local government and municipalities, as well as with communities, developers, financiers and other affected parties. Established in 2009, the Agency was established by an Act of Parliament in 2008 and is accountable through its Board to the Minister of Human Settlements. For more information about the HDA, please visit our website: www.thehda.co.za.

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The HDA has the following three-year fixed-term contract position:



Ref: HDA/002/ANALYST/2021

Main Purpose: Manage databases, provide advanced information solutions, tools and applications to the organization

Key Performance Areas:

1. Data Management and Database Administration:

• Collect data from various departments and external sources to support different operational areas in the organisation

• Managed the HDA’s spatial data environment

• Have a working knowledge of database management systems

• Maintain and enhance data sets according to evolving needs and resources

• Document metadata and develop metadata reports

• Generate, maintain, and disseminate data according to HDA standards by considering clients’ needs by specifying the appropriate coordinate systems, file formats and projects areas

• Support the line manager by establishing data requirements of clients through running consultation fora, developing data definitions, and confirming these with clients as required

• Have a good understanding of spatial and non-spatial data and how it can be related and used to inform decision-making

• Undertake to preprocess of structured and unstructured spatial and alpha-numerical data

• Use GIS/ Analysis/ Presentation/ software (i.e. ArcGIS, QGIS, Power BI, etc.) to integrate spatial and non-spatial data

2. Research, Spatial Analysis, and Interpretation:

• Respond to requests and queries from other departments/programmes in a courteous, timely and professional manner

• Understand different user requirements and communicate various solutions to address user requirements

• Use data to inform decision-making at operational and strategic levels

• Use research methodologies to conduct independent spatial analyses as and when required

• Use GIS and remote sensing software (e.g. ArcGIS, QGIS, Erdas, Envi, QGIS, GRASS), statistical software (e.g. Microsoft Excel and Statistical) and data analysis and visualisation software (e.g. Tableau and Power BI) to integrate spatial and non-spatial data to provide information products in the form of maps, dashboards, tables, charts, databases, dashboards, posters, infographics, etc.

• Analyse housing sector and related data to spatially target areas in terms of need, investment potential, growth, and socio-economic profiles

• Analyse large amounts of raw data to discover trends, hotspots, outliers, and patterns

• Develop scenarios based on current data to predict and forecast future spatial trends/possibilities

• Use scripts, models, rule sets and available tools to automate manual procedures for more efficient delivery

• Interpret findings from data analysis and develop conclusions and recommendations

3. Information System Support and Development:

• Develop solutions such as API’s, systems and applications to streamline operational process based on organisational needs and user requirements

• Ensure a spatial and alphanumeric database that supports the business requirements

• Ensure the systems requirement and supporting framework

• Develop business processes where required

• Develop Esri based applications for business requirements

• Assist in the review, maintenance, development, and administration of the HDA’s spatial information systems by providing:

o training and training material

o data updates

o data enhancements

o system development

o system administration; and

o technical support

within agreed service levels

• Ensure that datasets, databases and supporting information adhere to the standards, procedure and protocols set by the HDA and online platforms

• Implement user and reference group to facilitate testing of systems

• Use the latest technologies to design and develop customised spatial decision support systems such as web-based GIS applications and dashboards based on departmental and/or user requirements

• Scan similar spatial information systems in the sector and use technologies to enhance the HDA’s spatial information system

• Maintain systems developed

• Where required ensure that developed skills are shared amongst team members

• Create specific sessions to enhance development skills to spread the responsibilities

• Manage implementation of corrective action required as an outcome of testing

• Design and develop change management process to facilitate system implementation

• Manage overall system implementation

• Present progress reports and presentations on solutions to executives and technical staff

4. Project Management

• Provide technical support for the implementation and operation of GIS projects

• Coordinate and manage GIS projects by documenting requests and recording progress, milestones, and deliverables

• Take team lead on given projects, which includes people management and timeous delivery of projects

• Engage with stakeholders to determine their GIS needs

• Ensure that procurement policies and procedures are followed

5. Stakeholder Management

• Provide training to internal and external stakeholders on spatial information systems

• Manage HDA exhibitions and engage with external stakeholders at conferences, workshops, indabas, etc.

• Liaise with service providers to ensure that services are provided according to service level agreements, memorandum of understanding, etc.

• Attend internal and external meetings as and when required

6. Values Management

• Behaviours in line with HDA values and principles. The values are:

 Performance-orientation

 Excellence

 Accountability

 Teamwork

• The supporting principles are respect, trust, care, and integrity

7. Skills

• Demonstrate skills and understanding of how GIS can be used in a planning environment supported with information products in guiding and influencing decisions and policymaking in the sector

• Able to perform manual and automated geographic information processing tasks

• Working knowledge of SQL, Python, Java, ArcObjects, Geoserver and/or C++ would be advantageous

• Able to understand geographic concepts of location, scale, resolution, spatial reference, and projection to a development and planning environment supporting users with information

• Able to work under time constraints and deadlines and accomplish project tasks

• Strong mathematical acumen and problem-solving skills

• Keep abreast of new trends and innovations in the fields of GIS, remote sensing, data science and urban planning

• Esri Tools development

• Application development


• Postgraduate qualification in Geo-Informatics, GIS, Information Science, Geography, Computer Science or related field from an accredited Tertiary Institution

• At least 5 years of experience in a geospatial environment to inform decision making

• Ability to train and mentor GIS and non- GIS professionals on GIS software and information systems

• Experience in assessing client needs and translating them into GIS products and services

• Advanced knowledge of GIS software such as ArcGIS and QGIS

• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel

• Working knowledge of business intelligence software such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI

• This position requires an employee to be flexible, be able to multi-task, think intuitively, implore time management, and project management skills, and possess troubleshooting ability.

Driver’s license.


The closing date for applications is 30th May 2021

For enquires please contact Courtney Usher on 011 789 8282 OR

Please forward a relevant CV (Clearly marked with the reference number of the position) in a Microsoft Word format to hdateam@telebest.co.za

Please do not send certificates, diplomas or testimonials. We thank all applicants for their interest. Communication will be conducted with short-listed applicants only


Conditions of service:

The HDA is an equal opportunity employer ● Appointments will be made following the HDA Employment Equity policy ● The HDA reserves the right not to make an appointment.