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Executive: Office of the CEO (Gauteng)

Entry Date: 01 Aug 2021
Expiry Date: 15 Aug 2021

The Housing Development Agency (HDA) is a national public sector development agency that acquires and prepares land as well as develop the land and project manage the development of housing and human settlements. We carry out our activities in partnership with a range of stakeholders including national, provincial and local government and municipalities, as well as with communities, developers, financiers and other affected parties. Established in 2009, the Agency was established by an Act of Parliament in 2008 and is accountable through its Board to the Minister of Human Settlements. For more information about the HDA, please visit our website: www.thehda.co.za.

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The HDA has the following Five-year fixed term contract position:

Executive: Office of the CEO (Gauteng)

REPORTING LINE: Chief Executive Officer
Ref: JHB000790

Main Purpose: To contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the HDA by providing the Agency with Sustainable Business Governance solutions that serve to integrate and continuously improve and refine its governance (institutional decision making) processes, structures and frameworks/guides (such as policies) by:

Implementing and managing mechanisms that ensure effective strategy execution and service delivery by:
• Identifying strategy execution challenges ad risks and providing innovative solutions
• Developing and managing key strategic risk management programmes and /or projects from conceptualisation to implementation and
• Ensuring the alignment of operational programmes, projects and initiatives in the HDA with the Agency’s values and strategic objectives.

Key Performance Areas:

1. Identify, oversee and manage the design and implementation of strategic programmes and/or projects

• Identify strategic risk
• Conceptualise and manage the implementation of the strategic risk management programmes and/or projects (inclusive of programmes/projects monitoring, evaluation and learning)
• Implement and oversee culture alignment and change management initiatives

2. Identify, formulate and implement mechanisms that effective service delivery

• Identify appropriate service deliver improvement methods, processes, tools and techniques and manage the implementation thereof
• Monitor and evaluate strategy execution
• Identify strategic partners and initiate capacity building partnership/network

3. Provide support service for institutional governance (decision making)

• Contribute to the development/refinement of systems models that support strategic decision making
• Conduct Action research to identify new and innovative trends in decision support tools and technique’s
• Analyse relevant sector policies

4. Elucidate the rules, norms, routines and values governing business

• Identify root cause of strategic execution strengths and weakness
• Utilise departmental SDIX scores as a basis for determining which business processes require ISO 9000 compliant procedures
• Identify policies to be developed that strengthen strategy execution

5. Design, implement and oversee data and information quality control procedure and mechanisms

• Quality control all written communication from the OCEO to internal and external stakeholders
• Validate data and information used in evidence-based decision-making

6. People Management

• Monitor and evaluate performance and manage that if direct reports to the Executive: OCEO

7. Planning and Organising

• Plan the HDAs strategic risk management projects/programmes and organise and coordinate the relevant resources. Organise data and information feeding into strategic thinking and decision-making


• Bachelor’s degree with specialization in decision making and systems thinking/modelling.
• Minimum five (5) years interdisciplinary experience in safety, housing (infrastructure), environmental, development planning, policy, strategic planning, decision making, systems thinking and modelling


• Strategic planning/strategic business management, risk management, project management, biometry/statistics; policy analysis.
• Strategic planning and business development processes
• Performance monitoring and evaluation.
• Competency in Action research;
• Facilitate strategic decision making and develop decision models
• Familiarity with housing sector legislation and policies
• Key functions of an implementing agent
• Strategic risk identification and management


• Intermediate Microsoft Office / HR Systems is essential.
• Solid, proven and applied understanding of labour law and employment equity regulations.
• Solid and proven HR administration skills.
• Proven people management skills

Please forward a relevant CV (Clearly marked with the reference number of the position) in a Microsoft Word format to mandy.scullard@sixsense.co.za

Please do not send certificates, diplomas or testimonials. We thank all applicants for their interest.
Communication will be conducted with short-listed applicants only.

Closing date for applications is 15 August 2021

For enquiries please contact Mandy Scullard, mandy.scullard@sixsense.co.za, 061 753 8745