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Entry Date: 21 Aug 2022
Expiry Date: 28 Aug 2022

The Housing Development Agency (HDA) is a national public sector development agency that acquires and prepares land as well as develop the land and project manage the development of housing and human settlements. We carry out our activities in partnership with a range of stakeholders including national, provincial and local government and municipalities, as well as with communities, developers, financiers and other affected parties. Established in 2009, the Agency was established by an Act of Parliament in 2008 and is accountable through its Board to the Minister of Human Settlements. For more information about the HDA, please visit our website: www.thehda.co.za.

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The HDA has the following five-year fixed term contract position:


Reporting Line: Chief Financial Officer

Location: HDA Head Office – Johannesburg

Ref: SSCMM 2022

Main Purpose: The purpose of the Senior Manager: Supply Chain Management (SCM) is to manage and provide supply chain and asset management services within the HDA. To manage and implement effective SCM policies and practices within the organization.

Key Performance Areas:

Governance and Administration:

⦁ Ensure good governance and compliance with audit, as well as legislative requirements.

⦁ Review annual audit management letter and internal audit reports and act on any findings

⦁ Train Head Office and Regional offices on the relevant prescripts, HDA SCM policy and procedures to ensure compliance and alignment with PFMA

⦁ Review standard bid documents to ensure that they are up-to-date and efficient

⦁ Monitor the policy developments and standard bid documents that govern the SCM policies and procedures to ensure that they are up-to-date and efficient.

⦁ Develop and review procurement policies, procedures and practice notes in accordance with PFMA, Treasury Regulations and SCM Guidelines, including CIDB and NHBRC, where applicable.

⦁ Ensure that all HDA staff adhere to the procurement policies and procedures and to CIDB and NHBRC best practice.

⦁ Ensure communication of procurement decisions are communicated to service providers and understood.

⦁ Ensure that all procurement, operational and capital, is fair, equitable, competitive and cost effective by reviewing SCM reports.

⦁ Provide advice on procurement related processes and procedures.

⦁ Ensure supplier database, pre-qualifying lists and panels, is compiled and available in accordance with requirements

⦁ Manage the BBBEE Practice note

⦁ Monitor BEE/SMME stats and ensure compliance to HDA targets.

⦁ Manage the SCM and contracts register to ensure that all compliance issues have been dealt with timeously.

⦁ Report and monitor on all purchases conducted in the regions

⦁ Conduct quarterly audits in all regions in terms of compliance to SCM policies and procedures

Tender Process Management:

Bid Committees

⦁ Manage and oversee that all procedures are aligned to the relevant policies and procedures

⦁ Provide training when required within the Organisation of the various processes, policies and relevant prescripts.

Tender Documentation Preparation and Advertising

⦁ Establish industry based tender compliance requirements (e.g. CIDB, NHBRC) through reviewing scope of the terms of reference and integrating the compliance requirements into the tender documentation as required.

⦁ Manage the distribute the draft tender advert template to facilitate the line manager drafting a tender advert

⦁ Ensure that adverts are placed in appropriate media for the required time period

⦁ Approve tender adverts ensuring all requirements are listed and accurately reflected.

⦁ Approve and sign reports prior to Bid Adjudication Committee.

⦁ Manage the SCM calendar ensuring that all known tenders are programmed for the year for all Bid Committees.

Tender/Proposal Receipt

⦁ Manage the procedures of receiving of tenders/proposals either through email or hard copy submitted tenders, implement the required tender receipt management process.

⦁ Review submitted tenders/proposals for SCM compliance through checking submissions against the requirements defined in the Terms of Reference or Calls for Proposal.

⦁ Prepare a report highlighting the compliant and non-compliant submissions with explanations to the relevant SCM Committees

Bid Evaluation Committee

⦁ Schedule and convene a Bid Evaluation Committee through identifying key participants and distributing relevant materials

⦁ Minute the Bid Evaluation Committee meeting through capturing the key aspects of the evaluation discussion

⦁ Provide advice on compliance and SCM related matters as required at the Bid Evaluation Committee meeting

⦁ Apply the BEE and Pricing formulae to the tenderers that meet the Bid Evaluation assessment criteria and identify the highest rated tenders

⦁ Prepare the packs for the Bid Adjudication Committee.

Bid Adjudication Management:

⦁ Manage the approval, signature and storage of BAC minutes and reports

⦁ As a member of Bid Adjudication Committee:

⦁ Advise of Bid Committees to ensure meetings happens on to ensure meetings are scheduled timeously and efficiently and that all procedures are compliant.

⦁ Discuss, resolve and respond to disputes arising from bidders on decisions made by the Bid Adjudication Committee.

Bidder Communication:

⦁ Manage the communication of the outcome of the BAC or Proposal Review process with successful and unsuccessful bidders in line with the established policy

⦁ Refer any queries from bidders related to tender/proposal outcomes to SCM and Contracts Manager

Contract Management System and Compliance:

⦁ Conduct SCM compliance checking of contracts that have been awarded and contracts on the contracts register to ensure compliance with the SCM policy

⦁ Manage the loading of contracts onto the contract management system

⦁ Maintain the contract register for tenders through updating register with all contract changes monthly

⦁ Manage deviation list and advise and support CFO in managing irregular, wasteful and fruitless Expenditure.

⦁ Manage non-compliance list within the HDA

Supplier/Service Provider Management:

⦁ Address any supplier database errors with the Procurement Administrator

⦁ Approve the sharing of the HDA service providers and preferred suppliers with all HDA staff through the intranet

⦁ Manage the validity of compliance data for preferred suppliers through ensuring that relevant documentation is provided and updated annually

Vendor System Management:

⦁ Manage the loading of approved vendors onto the vendor system in line with the defined contract nature and SCM requirements

⦁ Manage the issuing purchase orders for loaded and approved vendors to ensure they are complaint with the SCM requirements

⦁ Manage the annual vendor details validation and updating process through checking the accuracy of information captured

⦁ Review the updating of vendor details when changes occur and are identified

⦁ Approve vendors in the AccPac system.

⦁ Approve purchase orders created, within delegated power

⦁ Approve contracts loaded, within delegated power

People Management:

⦁ Select, assign, lead and manage people

⦁ Set clear objectives for self and others and measure achievements against these objectives through implementation of the performance management system

⦁ Build and manage relationships with staff members

⦁ Manage and support staff development

⦁ Implement the HDA HR policies and procedures as required

⦁ Manage risks and address issues as they arise

⦁ Responsible for ensuring SCM staff is kept up to date with related SCM developments

⦁ Develop individual staff development plans

⦁ Ensure staff are appropriately performance managed according to the HDA HR policies and procedures

⦁ Providing staff with support as required

⦁ Manage the performance of staff in line with their performance agreements

⦁ Provide training and support to regional coordinators on SCM related issues.

⦁ Manage the staff leave to align with the operational requirements of the HDA

⦁ Resolve conflicts that may arise between the SCM staff members and other functions including end users and external stakeholders

Reporting and Administration:

⦁ Submission of the monthly (or as and when required) include:

⦁ SCM reports (detailed on all SCM / procurement)

⦁ BEE and SMME reports

⦁ Contract register reports

⦁ Undertake all required administration as necessary


⦁ Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, or related field

⦁ Must be a registered member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

⦁ Must have at least 5 years of managing Supply Chain Management

⦁ Minimum 5 years public procurement experience is essential

⦁ Ability to manage logistics of all aspects of Supply Chain Management

⦁ Must be able to comprehend legal documents


Please forward a relevant CV (Clearly marked with the reference number of the position) in a Microsoft Word format to: hdateam@telebest.co.za

Remuneration Scale: R906 100 - R1 177 900 per annum (all-inclusive package)

Kindly note that should you not receive a response within 21 days please consider your application unsuccessful.

Conditions of service:

The HDA is an equal opportunity employer ● Appointments will be made in accordance with the HDA Employment Equity policy ● The HDA reserves the right not to make an appointment.

Please do not send certificates, diplomas or testimonials. We thank all applicants for their interest. Communication will be conducted with short-listed applicants only.

Closing date for applications is 28th of August 2022

For enquires please contact Courtney Usher on 011 789 8282