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The N2 Gateway project involves the development of fully subsidised rental and affordable bonded homes in sustainable settlements along the N2 highway in the Western Cape.

A national government-led priority, the N2 Gateway is intended to address historic and endemic problems associated with rapid urbanisation, poverty and homelessness in the area. Although the project began in 2005, it was formally handed over to the HDA when the agency was established four years later. Like Zanemvula, the HDA acquired some the project’s problematic legacy along with it, and has managed these challenges through similar measures: improved communications, increased institutional ties and stronger project management capabilities.

As the implementing agent for this mega-project, the HDA is working in close collaboration with the Western Cape Provincial Department of Human Settlements and the City of Cape Town to deliver about 15 000 homes to communities in five precincts: New Rest, Delft 7-9 and Delft Symphony, Boystown and Joe Slovo. The commitment of all parties to building human settlements that promote human dignity, and creating healthy and cohesive communities has been identified as vital to the success of the project.

Phase one of the N2 Gateway project is almost complete, with almost 12 000 units handed over to beneficiaries to date. A brief summary of the development in each precinct is provided below:

  • New Rest: Situated in Gugulethu township, New Rest has had almost 700 fully subsidised houses built to date. The informal settlement upgrading process is still incomplete and includes the provision of roads, water and sewerage
  • Delft 7-9 and Delft Symphony: While Delft 7-9 was completed in 2013 with almost 4 500 houses handed over to beneficiaries, Delft Symphony is still under construction. To date, over 4 200 fully subsidised and 350 bonded houses have been completed in this area
  • Boystown: Also situated in Gugulethu, Boystown is receiving housing and facilities upgrades. Almost 503 houses have been handed over to date
  • Joe Slovo: The Joe Slovo housing development is located in Langa township and the development of the rental, bonded and fully subsidised show village is now complete. The project is ongoing and over 650 of 2 600 double-storey units have been delivered thus far

The HDA is currently managing all aspects of the project, from planning to procurement, construction to occupation.

For more information on the N2 Gateway project, take a look at our most recent newsletters or contact our Western Cape regional office.