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20 Jul 2020

A family of seven receives a TRU in Winterveldt, Tshwane

With the help of the HDA and a private sector donor, a family of seven received two new temporary housing units (TRUs) during the month of May. The Nkabinde-Mabaso family, previously stayed in a mud house, which had collapsed on them a few years ago due to structural fragility, and later moved into an uninhabitable shack.

The family headed by a 50-year-old father, with one disabled and bedridden child (Musa) from birth, are now proud owners and are happy that they can live in a descent house where they can practice social distancing and while the Department is building a permanent residential unit for them.

The Nkabinde-Mabaso family is a special case which was reported through to Human Settlements for urgent assistance. However, due to national lockdown, the special project allocation was delayed, and the pace became slow. The Agency was requested to intervene and assist in terms of Emergency Housing Programme initiative.

The project has seen other services brought to the Nkabinde-Mabaso home such as access to water and sanitation, among others.

The TRUs are made of Rock-Hard material – a technology designed to become warmer during winter and cooler during summer.