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30 May 2017

The Provincial Govan Mbeki Awards 2017

The Govan Mbeki Awards demonstrate and showcase excellence, best practice and healthy competition amongst Provinces in their quest to improve the quality of lives for millions of South Africans. The Department of human Settlements in partnership with its institutions encourages all stakeholders at Provincial and National levels to participate in the Govan Mbeki Awards 2017

Who should apply?

Local Municipalities; Accredited Municipality; Developers; Contractors and Rental Housing Tribunials

Where should they apply?

The application forms for the competition will be accessible from the Provincial Human Settlements Departments or through the website: on the link: Govan Mbeki Awards 2017. Terms and Conditions for entry are provided with the application form.

Competing Categories

  1. Best Woman Contractor: Emerging & Established
  2. Best Youth Contractor: Emerging & Established
  3. Best Performing Accredited Municipality
  4. Best Contractor in the Non-subsidy market
  5. Best Informal Settlements Upgrading Project
  6. Best Farm Residents Housing Project
  7. Best Integrated Residential Development Programme
  8. Best Rural Housing Project
  9. Best Community Residential Units Project (CRU)

Non Competing Categories

  • Award determined by MEC/Minister
  • Recognize special effort award stakeholders that contributed to the delivery of human settlements

Applications & Closing Date:

Application forms to participate are now available. The Closing Date for submissions is Friday, 9th June 2017

Enquiries/Contact Details

Ms Patience Sebakeng

9 Cecil Sussman Road

Kimberly North


Tel: (053) 830 9571 /